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Hello There ^.=.^

Quick Introduction

I am 22 year old and a college student. I am going for a Degree in Network Engineering at UAT. I work for a major Telecommunications company in Arizona as an on-site IT Technician / Grunt. I am a furry in Tempe Arizona, you probably have not seen me active in the community a lot because I am a bit shy at first, but talking to me is the best way to get me to talk back. The projects I am currently working on can be seen by clicking the "projects" option in the main menu. If you are interested in knowing more about me or you just want to chat, click on my contact page and send me a message.



I am a full time student at the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe Arizona. I just finished my first semester at the university which did not go very well. I was still thinking like a community college student, but this semester I am kicking it into gear and heading on my way to graduation. Although I will maintain a balance of class work this semester, I will be putting a lot of work into CCDC to help us win this years competition.

I hope to complete my education at UAT with at the very least a Bachelors Degree in Network Engineering. In that time I also need to complete my SIP project in order to graduate, which I will have listed and updated in the projects tab.



I like to play PC games a lot. I run about 10 different game servers on and off campus to fill my need for any game. I am currently addicted to Planet Side 2 and Killing Floor. Sometimes when I find myself outside I will be flying my RC helicopter in the quad, or hanging outside with my friends. I am not too involved in the furry community because I am a novice at making friends. If you see me, feel free to start the conversation, because most likely I will not.

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